Our very own Convergence Executive Coaching Experience® is a one-of-a-kind program. Our program has two target groups: highly successful Executives and High Potential leaders.

Highly successful leaders in roles such as CEO, C-Suite, SVP or General Manager should always be looking to improve their leadership skills and at this level, they need growth, development and to be challenged. Our Convergence Executive Coaching Experience® does exactly that, helping leaders to understand the motivators which drive most of their successful leadership behaviors. We compare these behaviors with those of some of the most successful global leaders to identify the areas in which they can unleash their further potential.

An organization’s strength is defined by the bench of next generation leaders to be promoted at the right time. Unfortunately, most organizations start to understand this when it is too late. The Convergence Executive Coaching Experience® helps these up-and-coming leaders understand what drives their behaviors, identify triggers, and develop strategies to prepare for their next role.

Our team of Executive Coaches have a diverse background, having coached leaders across numerous industries and at all levels of leadership across the world. Using unique resources and techniques, we help great leader not only change their lives – but those of whom they lead.