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Our Client Case Studies

Developing A Service Culture Program with Remarkable Results

Objectives A major hospitality organization headquartered in Hawaii was looking for a service training program to be used across its portfolio of 4 brands and 58 hotels and resorts. The key objective was to improve their service scores and more importantly create a unique culture of service which would allow their front-line team members to [...]

Executive Coaching CEOs to Great Success

Objectives CEOs and Co-Founders of an extremely exciting and highly successful Start-Up Tech. organization where looking at ways to help enhance their own Executive Leadership skills. Having moved up the ranks so fast we commonly see many C-Suite leaders who find themselves in successful Executive Roles but hit a ceiling and need coaching to truly [...]

Unleashing Leadership Potential Across a Global Organization

Objectives A leading Global Entertainment and Sporting organization was looking for ways to engage and unleash the strengths and potential of every senior leader around the world and help align them to the Truths which had been launched by the Executive Council. The most important stipulation was that this was not to be an “off [...]

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