Most organizations have vision and mission statements plastered on their walls, but most of the time, that is exactly where it stays. Creating a culture of service is not easy and it begins by understanding the purpose statement of the organization – what they stand for and what differentiates them from their competitors. Once identified, we design a culture of service for team members to deliver the level of expertise that is aligned with the organization’s purpose and goals.

Building a culture of service and providing service training are two different things. Service training is all about smiling, doing the basics and having a transaction with your customers or guests. This level of service does not build loyalty nor long-lasting satisfaction with customers. It is short term and often forgotten. Service culture goes beyond this, ensuring that the service is memorable, targeted at the highest levels of satisfaction and most important, making an impact because of the emotional connection it creates in your customers.

Here and Now Consulting has designed and delivered Service Culture programs for organizations around the world. Using the foundations of our Hospitality and Psychology backgrounds we are able to design custom programing using our unique Research, Storyboard, and Design (RSD) Phased Approach. This begins with helping an organization understand their purpose statement and values. Next, we operationalize key performance indicators to be improved as a result of the training.

This leads us to the designing of a unique culture of service program that helps team members deliver service excellence through the lens of the organization’s values and move key metrics. We design programs using an integrated approach of experiential activities, open discussions, healthy debates and proven solutions.

If you are tired of “off-the-shelf” training programs and are looking for a unique, custom-designed service culture approach, look no further. Let us help you unleash the full potential of your team and create loyalty beyond reason for your customers and guests.