Unleashing Leadership Potential Across a Global Organization


A leading Global Entertainment and Sporting organization was looking for ways to engage and unleash the strengths and potential of every senior leader around the world and help align them to the Truths which had been launched by the Executive Council. The most important stipulation was that this was not to be an “off the shelf, generic” program and one which truly would understand and embrace the culture of this highly successful organization.


Here and Now Consulting began by understanding the core culture of this unique organization which was very diverse and extremely successful. We began by interviewing every key President and Vice President around the world in all of their business divisions including Sports, Entertainment Venues, Global Partnerships, Festivals and Artist Touring. We found that there was already a strong DNA of what makes a successful leader at this organization and hence designed a unique leadership experience incorporating their values, truths and state of the art assessment tools as well as tools and resources which can be used to drive the organization’s leaders to greater levels of success.


Having facilitated workshops globally from the United States to Europe and the UK, Asia to Australia it was the first time this organization had a unified leadership program, a new language emerged, numerous leadership challenges were resolved and most importantly they saw great improvements in their employee engagement scores. What really speaks to the success of this program is that usually these are a “flavor of the month’ and forgotten easily yet 5 years later – the tools, language and learnings from the leadership program is going just as strong as it was on day one.