Executive Coaching CEOs to Great Success


CEOs and Co-Founders of an extremely exciting and highly successful Start-Up Tech organization were looking at ways to help enhance their own Executive Leadership skills. Having moved up the ranks so fast, we commonly see many C-Suite leaders who find themselves in successful Executive Roles but hit a ceiling and need coaching to truly discover and unleash their greatest strengths and potential. These two leaders wanted to understand how their leadership brain operates and also uncover ways in which to maximize each other’s strength to lead their organization. Having read all the right books, listened to podcasts and used countless assessments already and were looking for a fresh approach with tangible, new tools that would help elevate them to become even greater Executives.


Here and Now Consulting was engaged to become the executive coach for these two highly successful leaders. Using our Convergence® Executive Coaching Experience we helped them uncover what truly motivates their own individual leadership strengths. Using the latest technology-based assessments and 360 Tools, we were able to identify what impact each of them was making to their Leadership Teams and the organization. We helped them discover how they could strengthen their influencing skills, communication skills and unlock innovation techniques they had never used before.


As a result of the Convergence® Executive Coaching Experience, they redefined the organization’s purpose statement, created new core values which embody the culture of the company leading to strong alignment which had been non-existent. During the recent Pandemic, they were faced with new obstacles and found their leadership skills were stronger and completely transformed to lead through the uncharted landscape. By understanding their own triggers, they were able to control them and repattern them into strengths, emerging as more extraordinary leaders.